Analog Circuit Layout

  • Extensive experience with Analog circuit layout
  • Critical matching strategies, shielding, sensitive route considerations, high voltage, RF requirements, etc.
  • Experienced in all levels of complexity from cell level to top level

Analog Circuit Design

  • Mixed Signal, Power Management, and various analog circuits.
  • Design of high voltage and low voltage circuits
  • Silicon debug by thorough lab evaluation and characterization

Digital Circuit Design

  • RTL VHDL coding and test bench verification
  • Verilog gate level net list manipulation, including complex ECO metal changes
  • Simulators – Modelsim, Cver, VCS, Silos
  • Synthesis – Design Compiler, Design Vision by Synopsys
  • STA – Primetime, post layout timing closure
  • DFT Compiler, ATPG, Scan-insertion, JTAG, Boundary Scan

Digital Physical Design

  • Expertise from net list to GDSII physical design
  • Place and route, CTS, RC extraction, STA, EMIR closure, timing closure and physical design verification.

Design Process Migration

Need to move a key design to the next process node but don't have the resources? Let us migrate it for you.

Technology Development Design and Layout

  • Technical Knowledge in Key Areas
    • RF Experiments
    • ESD: Electrostatic Discharge
    • SML: Spice Modeling Structures
    • IYM: Integrated Yield Manufacturing
    • WLR, GOI, Packaging, Process Exp.
    • Analog and Mixed-Signal Layout
  • Test Die Floor-planning
    • Array/Zebra, Custom/Automated
  • K2™, Assura™ DRC and LVS
  • CDK PCELLs, Custom PCELLs
  • GDSII, PG, Ramp, Synchronicity
  • LSF, Project Setup
  • Partner with Engineers to Customize Layout Solutions
  • Process Flow and Device Knowledge

Programming (PERL w/SQL, Skill)

  • Skill
  • Pcells
  • Skill Functions to improve productivity
  • Design Process management Tools

Release to Manufacturing (Pattern Generation)

  • Design to Manufacturing Flow Execution
  • Design to Manufacturing Design Flow Optimization

Product Engineering

  • Device Characterization
  • Test Program Development and Optimization
  • Test Program re-Targeting

Recruiting Services

Looking for specific skills? Let us help. We are constantly recruiting to supply the best talent to our customers. Whether it is on a contract basis or for full time employment, we can find and screen candidates in all skill areas.


"I just wanted to let you know that we would like to keep [your two layout resources on our project].  I also want to mention, that [they], have done such excellent work"

- Customer layout manager